Graphic Design

We are surrounded by design. I create logos, branding, concepts, color theory, layout, anything and everything that gets printed, from a business card to a billboard. This also translates to your digital assets (see Digital Marketing).

Digital Marketing​

Everything that gets printed usually morphs it's way into a variety of digital aspects as well. I make sure your brand is represented well across all platforms through website design and development, email campaigns, UI/UX design, social media and more.

Video Editing

I either work with footage you have, a videographer, or stock footage to deliver professional and inspiring videos. I use the latest software to color correct, blend and edit footage and audio to deliver top notch videos.

Church Communications

I have worked in ministry most of my working life and have a passion for working on things with a greater cause than myself. If your church or ministry is in need of design, branding, and/or communications, I would love to help you out!

Brand Consulting

Whether you are an organization, small business, or it's just you working out of your garage, I can help start you off on the right foot. Let's chat about where to start branding your business.

DIY Maker

I have been fiddling with woodworking my whole life. My wife and I have flipped 5 houses and seeing a before and after with anything with potential always gets my creative juices flowing. I am still building my home workshop. Stay tuned!




$80/hr for anything less than 10hrs/month

Church Comms Package


  • Series Branding
  • Intro Bumper
  • Social Media Assets
  • Web Assets
  • Series Slides

The Works


Up to 4 Calls or Video Calls/Month

  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Stage Design
  • Digital



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